Spotify Premium Mod APK v8.5.60.1013 Download [ iOS & Pc ]

Spotify Premium Mod APK v8.5.60.1013 Download [ iOS & Pc ]

Here you can free download Spotify premium mod apk latest version 2020 for android Pc & iOS. Get full crack version from here with username and password. Here you will free Spotify account 2020 also. Spotify is a digital music streaming application that gives you access to millions of songs from different artists all over the world. The quality of music in Spotify is really appreciating, if you are a music lover, you can listen to your favorite music with the best quality you just need an internet connection.


What is available in Spotify free?.

In Spotify free, you can get a limited number of features. In the free mode you can shuffle the music to be played and you can skip up to six music after that you have to listen to the ad, but there is no problem using it, the quality is good you just have to listen to the ads. You have access to daily mix playlists, but Spotify Premium MOD APK  radio is not available in daily mix playlists.

Using Spotify free plan, you can have access to all the songs, discover new songs, and you can also search by the name of the artist. It is free to use on mobile, desktop or tablet, so you can play your music from anywhere you want. You can access through the application of Spotify from your smartphone, desktop, or through software or website of Spotify.

SpotifyAPK – v8.5.59.1137


APK Spotify – v8.5.59.1137
SpotifyAPK – v8.5.59.1137


Spotify Premium gives you access to ad-free music that doesn’t matter where you are listening from your phone, desktop, or tablet.

The premium users can play any song in demand, create their own playlist as well as they can share, create and edit their own playlist.

Spotify premium users can skip any number of tracks as it becomes ad-free. They can also download music and listen to it offline, and the quality becomes superior in Spotify premium.

You can even use the app on your mobile device as a computer remote control

How to use Spotify

1. Visit the official page of Spotify, now you can create your own account or you can sign in through google or through Facebook. You can sign in through any of these according to your convenience.
2. Now choose the level of subscription that you want to access, you can use Spotify for free as well as you can go for Spotify Premium MOD APK .
If you choose Spotify then, you have to listen to ads while missing many features. In Spotify premium you can do unlimited skips and download your favourite songs so that you can listen to it offline and high-quality music and access to many more things.
3. Go to play store in your phone and search for Spotify.
4. You have to install Spotify and after that, you have to log in using the id you created earlier, you can have access to all features of Spotify or Spotify premium which you chose earlier.

How to Download Songs from Spotify

Music eases our life, we can listen to music while traveling in a cab, metro or trains so it becomes easy if we have already our set of music available without connecting to the internet. So yes that is available in Spotify Premium MOD APK  but not in the free version, it is available in the premium version. So once you get the premium you can listen to all songs even offline.
If you have your music already downloaded it saves your data, and you are able to listen to music even in between the spaces where the internet connection might not be high.

Spotify premium you can have access to more than 10000 offline songs, and that too on five different devices. Downloading or creating an album or playlist, is very easy in Spotify. Just click on the download button which will be appearing on your album you would like to download to listen to it offline.

Spotify Audio Settings Spotify

The data consumed by Spotify will depend on the quality in which you want to stream your music. There are four different qualities of streaming in your Spotify app:

  1. The first is the low quality which is at 24kbps
  2. The second is of normal quality which is at 96kbps
  3. Third one is high quality which is at 160 kbps
  4. Last one is very high quality which is at 320 kbps.
  5. This is a list through which you can have an idea about how much data is being consumed by Spotify
  6. You listen to 1-hour music, it will use 50 MB of your data when the quality of streaming is set to be “normal”.
  7. It means that if you listen to music in “normal” mode, you can play 24 hours of music in 1 GB data.
  8. If you stream your music in “high quality” then 1 gb data can be used in less than 15 hours.
  9. When you want to listen to Spotify music in “ premium quality” then 1 GB data will be used in 7 hours.
  10. If you listen to music with video playback, then you will have to consume a lot of data.

To change the quality of streaming, you just have to visit settings of the Spotify Premium MOD APK 2020 app, the you will get an option of streaming and downloading quality. From there you can choose the quality of streaming your music.

How to Search For Spotify Friends By Username

Now through this music app, you can even find friends and people. Through connecting your Facebook account to Spotify Premium MOD APK at the time of sign in, you will be easily allowed to find and follow friends. And you can even see what they are listening to and they can see your music interesting what you are listening to. You can search for the option of “find friends” which you get in the app itself.

It is present in your profile settings, you can then tap on the button of “find friends”. After clicking on that button you will be allowed to follow and find more friends. It is an amazing way to find new friends and that too with the same music taste.

Latest Spotify Premium iOS Apk


Spotify Connect

Spotify connect is the way by which you can play your music through different wi-fi connected devices. You can connect Spotify through wi-fi to your speakers, television, amazon echo, google, Chrome cast PC, and much more.
This is a great feature that all of you are going to love since you can listen to your favorite music in any device you want to listen to. You can control your Spotify account through your phone.
For example, If you are streaming your music in a speaker then you can change the song, adjust the volume of the song, or create a playlist or you can add what to be played next. So you can use your phone as a remote control.

Spotify  Kids

Spotify kid is an app specially designed for the young children, you can have access to Spotify kids only if you have Spotify premium, then your kids can enjoy listening to Spotify premium.

This is an app specially designed for kids of age more than 3 years . This app is said to be safe and private for kids. The app is more attractive for kids as all the adult songs or contents will be removed.

It includes tunes and singalong songs and there is a special team of editors to make sure that your kids have great listening.

This app is user-friendly so that your kids will have an ease to access. It is available in several regions including Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, and many more. It is available for androids as well as for iOS devices.

Spotify Membership

Spotify For One Member : As I had told you, Spotify is available for free as well as for premium. So the premium costs you $9.9 per month which gives you access to ad-free music of Spotify. You don’t have to listen to those ads, and you can do any number of skips. You can even get high-quality music and get Spotify connect.

Spotify for Family Members : If all of your family members want to buy Spotify premium, then you should go for premium for the family which gives access to 6 members of your family and that costs you just $14.9 per month, so that’s worth it because in the premium you are getting just 1 membership is $9.9.

Spotify For Student : The students can also have access to Spotify premium at minimal rates, as Spotify gives discounted plans for students that cost just $5 per month.

What is Spotify Codes ?

Spotify code works on both iPhone as well as android devices. If you want to share the music you love to your family and friends, as well as their account to be followed by others. Spotify code allows you to generate unique code for a particular song, album, playlist you have created.

How to use Spotify

1. You just have to click on the ‘…’ button appearing on the side of what you want to share.
2. Now you will see a Spotify button appearing, underneath you can see a unique code.
3. Click on the code to zoom it so that the person with whom you want to share can see it.
4. On other devices, you can click on the search bar at the top, a camera icon will be seen.
5. Click on that camera icon, you will be able to scan the other person’s code.
6. Everyone is free to enjoy Spotify codes.
7. You can even share your favorite music through WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media platforms.

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