99+ Latest Smoking Captions for Instagram for Your Photos & Selfies


If you love smoking and you love to smoke then these quotes on smoking for you. These are hand picked smoking quotes for smoker. As we all know smoking is injurious to health but still we smoke. If you want to post some smoking caption for Instagram. Then you can choose these type of quotes. Instagram is now one of the most loved social platform for young people because its interface is very interesting to use. You can simply post anything on Instagram with caption. These best feature of Instagram is you can add story to your timeline. People always looking for smoking captions for Instagram, hookah captions for Instagram cool smoking captions for Instagram & funny smoking quotes. They also look for best smoking status in english & i love smoking cigarettes quotes.


Latest Smoking Captions for Instagram

  1. You say smoking this early in the morning? I say Hey shut up, its 4:20 somewhere.
  2. Nicotine patches are great. Stick one over each eye and you can’t find your cigarettes.
  3. When I’m dead & in my grave, no more pot & whiskey will I crave. On my tombstone it shall be seen: here lies the bones of a smoking machine.
  4. Has never understood having a smoking and non-smoking section in restaurants. That’s like having a peeing section in a swimming pool!! Seriously.
  5. Forecast for today: cranky with a chance of restlessness and scattered mood swings later in the afternoon! Quitting smoking sucks.

Cigarettes Quotes

  1. Bring me a cigarette and some coffee and NO ONE GETS HURT.
  2. Dear God, give me the strength not to bitch slap the people that irritate me while I am trying to quit smoking.
  3. I went on a diet, stopped smoking dope, cut out the drinking and heavy eating, and in fourteen days I lost two weeks.
  4. Fake coughing in front of smokers just to make them feel guilty!
  5. Giving up doesn’t always mean you are weak, sometimes it means you are strong enough and smart enough to let go.
  6. I never went to High School, but I went to school high.
  7. Kissing a person who smokes is like licking an ashtray.
  8. Smoking is like cutting onion sit affects you and the people beside you.
  9. It’s been proven that 100% of people that smoke diet’s also been proven that 100% of people that don’t smoke die too.
  10. If you don’t wanna see me smoking, then you better find other ways to keep my lips busy.


Smoking Quotes and Sayings

  1. Smoking answers the existential question: how you are going to die.
  2. Whenever I think to quit smoking, I need a cigarette to think.
  3. When you smoke the weed, it reveals you to yourself.
  4. Love and smoking are the same things. Both of them hurt us on leaving.
  5. To know more about LUNG cancer.keep SMOKING
  6. I really hate cigarettes. Whenever I see one, I lit it up.
  7. Cigarette packets and love both are same. The only difference between them is that, at least cigarettes packets comes with a warning.
  8. If you’re thinking about smoking think again.
  9. Smoking is like getting burned inside but you can never feel it
  10. Read a article now the other day that said smoking is bad for you. This upset me so much that I decided never to read again.
Best smoke Quotes Status
Smoke Quotes Status

Best smoke Quotes Status

  1. Cigarettes never hurt anyone, the trouble starts when you light them.
  2. Harassing me about my smoking may be hazardous to your health!!
  3. Just pass the bong, smoking is no big deal it makes you lose weight.
  4. Be nice to the people who smoke cigarette, any cigarette might be their last cigarette.
  5. Smoking doesn’t help even when you think it does.
  6. Cigarette: A fire at one end, a fool at the other, and a bit of tobacco in between.
  7. My smoking might be bothering you, but it’s killing me.
  8. Cigarettes and coffee: an alcoholic’s best friend.
  9. One cigarette can mean the difference between pacifism and mass homicide.
  10. People think smoking is hard to quit. God, clearly they haven’t tried to quit Facebook yet.
Best Hookah Quotes Status
Hookah Quotes Status

Best Hookah Quotes Status

  1. If you are going to try the cigarette once in your life then please think about it again because cigarette will try rest of your life.
  2. They say that when you smoke a cigarette you lose 7 minutes of your life. Well that’s seven minutes of shit I don’t have to put up with.
  3. Still trying to figure out why I can’t get paid to do what I do best: drink, smoke & swear.
  4. Roll up my problems , lick down my solutions , burn the past , inhale the good shit , exhale the bullshit.
  5. I have given up smoking again. God! I feel fit, Homicidal, but fit. A different person. Irritable, moody, rude, perhaps; but the lungs are fine.
  6. Do not approach unless you come bearing caffeine and nicotine! All others will be disemboweled. Thank you for your understanding in this difficult time.
  7. If non smokers are so fond of fresh air, why can’t they go stand outside the pub instead?
  8. Smoking a Cigarette reduces life by 5 minutes , Laughing increases life by 10 minutes. A laughing Smoker never dies.
  9. Wants to know why everyone thinks I should quit smoking? Don’t they realize it’s safer for them if I don’t?
  10. Has some of those new patches to stop smoking there ace you put one over each and eye and you cant find your fags.
Smoking Captions For Your Instagram Post
Smoking Captions For Your Instagram

Smoking Captions For Your Instagram Post

  1. I have made it a rule never to smoke more than one cigar at a time.
  2. I tried to stop smoking cigarettes by telling myself I just didn’t want to smoke, but I didn’t believe myself.
  3. The Higher I Get, The Closer To Heaven I’ll Be.
  4. Smoke your pipe and be silent; there’s only wind and smoke in the world.
  5. I kissed my first girl and smoked my first cigarette on the same day. I haven’t had time for tobacco since.
  6. To cease smoking is the easiest thing I ever did. I ought to know because I’ve done it a thousand times.
  7. If I cannot smoke cigars in Heaven, I shall not go.
  8. Don’t try to stop smoking. Just stop smoking.
  9. I told myself I would quit, then I remembered what my grandmother told me I am NO QUITTER
  10. To clear up all the confusion, you shouldn’t quit good things like rehab, and you should quit bad things like smoking.
Weed Instagram Caption
Instagram Caption

Weed Instagram Caption

  1. WARNING This Chickie is trying to quit smoking. side effects bitchy, cranky, short fuse and very irritable You’ve been warned ‘.
  2. “I knew a man who quit smoking, drinking and rich food. He was healthy right up to the day he killed himself!”
  3. “I’ve never heard of anyone smoking a joint and going on a rampage. It makes you lie around on the floor and look at the ceiling. What’s wrong with that?”
  4. “I knew a man who quit smoking, drinking and rich food. He was healthy right up to the day he killed himself!”
  5. Not every person who smoke is bad person, not every person who goes to temple is a good person.
  6. Smoking isn’t the only thing that kills. Life today, nearly everything kills. Guess I should give up life.
  7. Smoking is amazing, I love it! You all who aren’t smokers should try it! It’s been the best thing of my life! Bye, gotta go to heaven.
  8. Don’t ever hate smokers because its them due to whom thousands get their daily bread.
  9. I only smoke after meals, I’m done to 20 meals a day.
  10. You say smoking kills and I say so do car crashes and serial killers.
Smoking Quotes & Sayings
Smoking Quotes

Smoking Quotes & Sayings

  1. This is a message 4 all those who DON’T DRINK OR SMOKE! One day your old friends will die n you will be left alone.
  2. I always think about quitting smoking .. But what to do To think I need to smoke ..
  3. I like to walk in fog so that no one can see me smoking.
  4. What’s worse than a smoker with an attitude ? An enraged non- smoker
  5. I tried to stop smoking my special cigarettes but when I went outside the graphics weren’t as good so I sparked up a spliff and the world went back to normal.
  6. Secrets have a way of making themselves felt, even before you know there’s a secret.
  7. Smoking might kill time, sooner than you would want.
  8. You might be a firefighter if you’ve ever smoked and there wasn’t a cigarette in sight.
  9. I am not a heavy smoker, I just go through a lighter a day.
  10. The best way to quit smoking is to keep wet cigarettes.
Cool Quotes About Smoking
Cool Quotes About Smoking

Cool Quotes About Smoking

  1. The admirable difference between smokers and non-smokers is: smokers don’t mind that non-smokers don’t smoke.
  2. A cigarette a day keeps the doctor with pay.
  3. If we lose the battle against tobacco, we will lose the war against cancer.
  4. Every year thousands of people quit smoking just because they die.
  5. If we see you smoking we will assume you are on fire and take appropriate action.
  6. The believing we do something when we do nothing is the first illusion of tobacco.
  7. A cigarette is the only consumer product which when used as directed kills its consumer.
  8. The more you smoke, the cigarette gets shorter and your life gets shorter too.
  9. To the average cigarette smoker the world is his ashtray.
  10. Smoking and getting caught by your father is injurious to health!!


Sayings and Smoking Quotes

  1. Rehab is NOT for quitters It’s for those who care enough for the ones they love, and for those who want to take care of themselves again.
  2. Nicotine patches are great. Stick one over each eye and you can’t find your cigarettes.
  3. Some things are better eschewed than chewed; tobacco is one of them.
  4. I smoke when I feel alone.
  5. I’m not really a heavy smoker any more. I only get through two lighters a day now.
  6. I love to be in fog because nobody knows I’m smoking.
  7. I’m not really a heavy smoker any more. I only get through two lighters a day now.
  8. The best way to give up smoking cigarettes is to move to San Francisco where pot is legal.
  9. I only smoke when I drink, I’m down to two packs a day!
  10. Like a person is not a thief until he is caught, Smoking was only harmful to the person who died of smoking.
  11. My doctor asked me how much I smoked, I told him just enough to stay addicted.
  12. Smokers are the kindest people ever Until they have no smokes.