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Pubg Wallpaper is one the most download wallpaper .It include different type of mobile. Like you can use it for your android phone. Pubg is one of the most popular mobile games.  It is available in hd 4k 720p 1080p. PUBG is mainly know as PlayerUnknowns Battleground. This game was one of the most popular  game in PC version. There are Millions of players playing PUBG all around the world. Even everyone love playing Pubg.  It is one of the best  real time shooting game.  It has 3 different combinations which include solo, duo and squad. In this game there is total 100 people playing this game together. And at last one team win that match.

Pubg Live Wallpaper 1920×1080 HD

As time passes the play zone shrinks, making the difficulty level much harder. Out of 100 people, the last man standing will be considered as a winner and it will display “WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER“. The players try hard and their level best to get Chicken Dinner. Recently PUBG released a new map called “Sanhok”which is fully action packed and slightly smaller in size, increasing the intensity of the enemies around you. Instead of Sanhok, there are two other great maps called Erangel and Miramar. There are two modes called Classic as well as Arcade. So in short PUBG is the game for real gamers who seek action while playing. Perhaps I even got Chicken Dinner many times and I am posting a screenshot of it. Hope you will like my review and also PUBG.

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