Download Netflix Apk Mod Premium 2020 [ iOS Pc Android ]

Download Netflix Apk Mod Premium 2020 [ iOS Pc Android ]

If you are a movie and series lover and want to buy Netflix but don’t have much knowledge about Netflix so here, I am showing you Netflix Mod Apk download premium latest crack version. Here i am going to tell you all about Netflix. I am going to provide a complete guideline about Netflix in this post. Here we are telling you all about Netflix. You can not hack Netflix due to their security but you can use Netflix pro mod Apk for Pc Laptop Android Mobile and for iOS ( iPhone ) also. We are sharing a crack & cracked version of Netflix. Latest version Netflix 7.55.0  APK & Netflix Mod Apk 7.56.1

What is Netflix?

Netflix was founded by Marc Randolph and Wilmot Read Hasting Jr. on August 29,1997. It is an internet subscription service company which provides you streaming movies and tv series over the internet. The company operates through domestic, international streaming. Netflix obtains content from various studios and other content providers through fixed-fee license and direct purchases.


Netflix gives you a chance to watch different movies in different languages. It is and will always be committed to creating high-quality original shows and movies that can not be seen anywhere except Netflix. It includes audience of all ages and all groups and its feature of watching offline also provides it with new platform.

Netflix Membership

There are different plans available in Netflix ranging from 500-800 and the number of persons from 1-4 so it gives you a wide variety of options. There is also a trial session in Netflix for 1 month so you can use the trial for 1 month and if you liked streaming in Netflix than you can pay the amount and get your membership. Between the period of 1 month you can cancel your membership anytime you like as there are no contracts with Netflix but if you didn’t choose to cancel your membership the amount will be automatically charged each month.


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If you have obtained a coupon code then you can apply to it by adding it where indicated at the time of billing. You can then get a discount from that coupon code in your first billing statement.

Netflix Plans

There are 3 plans offered by Netflix to choose from named as basic, standard and premium plan. Basic is the plan of lowest amount and premium is the plan of highest amount. You can choose it according to your convenience. There are different price and different amount for each of the plan:

You can not only cancel your plan at any time you want, but you can also even change your plans for forex: from basic to standard or standard to basic. If you want to stream Netflix in your pc or laptop then make sure that you have the Microsoft Silver light plugin installed because otherwise, it won’t be compatible with your pc.

Data Used By Netflix

You might be worried that how much data will be charged while you streaming Netflix . It depends on what quality you are streaming on Netflix. Your usage varies on the quality like SK, HD or 4K.

Netflix Apk Mod Premium 2020 Netflix Apk Mod Premium 2020

This table will show you how much data will be consumed in each quality offered by Netflix:

  1. Low-quality 300MB/hour
  2. Standard definition 700MB/hour
  3. High definition 2GB/hour
  4. Ultra HD 7GB/hour

Now, if you want to know in which quality you are streaming at. I will help you, read the following points to know

  • If you are signed up to an unlimited broadband plan, then you might not be concerned about the quality.
  • In basic plan you can stream in SD quality.
  • If you have chosen a standard plan then you are streaming in HD and upto 4K.
  • If you are using your mobile network then data must be your concern, so you must use it with care as it can lead to a heavy burden.

How to Change Netflix Video Quality

You have must follow these steps to change your video streaming quality from low to high. After all it all depends on you. Not everyone buy large data plan. Sometime we have less inter data so for these people changing Netflix video quality will surely help him. So I am going to tell you the steps by which you can change the quality of video you are streaming in Netflix

How to Change Netflix Video Quality

1. Access Netflix in your browser.
2. Click on the profile image on the top right corner of the window.
3. Then there will be a drop-down menu.
4. Click on “Your account”
5. On the My profile page select playback settings.
6. From here you can manually choose the video you want to stream.
7. Be careful in choosing this as you have to choose according to the sources available to you, I prefer to use low quality so that you can stream without any extra data charges.

Types of Movies in Netflix

Netflix provides you a wide category of movies there are different genres of movies available in Netflix. I am going to give you the main list of the categories. Below we are sharing the complete types of movies you found in Netflix. These movies are vary from different category. You can also watch different type of web series on Netflix from different countries without any problem.

Types of Movies in Netflix Types of Movies in Netflix

Action and adventure
Children and family movies
Classic movies
Cult movies
Faith and spirituality movies
Romantic movies
Gay and lesbian movies
Foreign movies
Horror movies
Independent movies
Sci-fi and fantasy
Sports movies
Thriller movies
Tv shows

These genres are based on an algorithm, you might have seen the recommendations provided by Netflix for you. This is due to this algorithm which finds out which genre you like watching more and your viewing habits to recommend what you are particularly into.

How To Setup Netflix on Tv & Mobile

You just have to follow these steps carefully to stream Netflix anywhere you want. It is very easy to setup Netflix account on your mobile and Tv. You have to carefully follow all of these steps to connect it through your mobile and Tv. You can only connect it if your smart Tv and smart android mobile other wise it is not possible to connect it.

Types of Movies in Netflix Types of Movies in Netflix


Step1: Check the compatibility of your device:.

First of all, it is very important to check the compatibility of your device with that of Netflix if it is not compatible you won’t be able to stream it.

For Computers PC and Mac

For tablets and mobiles-iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, Android phones, android tablets, windows tablets and windows phone
Once you have checked the compatibility of your device, you can then proceed to further steps to set it up and stream it.

Step 2: Visiting Netflix.Com

You have to go to the official website of Netflix that is Netflix. Com after visiting the website it will automatically detect your country and will be redirected. Now you can see the Netflix website in your screen. If you are a first time user of Netflix then you have to click on “JOIN FREE FOR A MONTH” if you have earlier also streamed it, then you can simply login using your id and password.

Step 3 : Choosing a Perfect Plan for You.

Now you have to choose the plan that you considered for yourself, choose it correctly as you have to pay accordingly.
Netflix gives you an option of screens so if you choose the basic plan you will get only 1 screen, if you choose a standard plan then you can stream Netflix on 2 screens and if you choose the premium option then you can stream Netflix on four screens. So you can choose according to your needs.

The different pack allows you to choose screens for you. But you can login your Netflix to a multiple numbers of devices. Though you can watch only in 1 screen at a particular time. So you don’t have to worry if you are streaming Netflix in different devices in different time. There are no as such contracts with Netflix.

Step 4: Creating an Account.

After choosing the plan now you have to create an account of yours with Netflix so you have to enter the details as shown on your screen. You have to enter an e-mail address and choose a password, remember the password as you will need the password at the time when you want to stream your favorite movies and tv series.

Step 5 : Completing Payment Procedure

The last step is to complete your payment, you just have to enter all the details of your credit card or debit card. Enter the details correctly and tick on the I agree column to agree that you are a person of over 18 years then click on start membership.
Once you are done with the payment, you become a member of Netflix and you are ready to stream Netflix.

Note: You might be worried while entering the credit card details, but there is no need to worry as Netflix is a very protected and secure website. But remember that once you have started your membership it will auto-credit your payment for the next few months but you can cancel the membership at any time you want. You don’t have to worry about your credit card details and auto-payment.

Step 6: Setting up Netflix

The last step is to setup Netflix where you want to watch, Netflix is a user-friendly website. It is very easy to use it, there are no complications involved in streaming Netflix.

There is chance that there is Netflix already installed in your Pc, so you just have to log in with your e-mail id and password. After entering the correct details you can stream it on your laptop.

In iPhone you have to install Netflix from the app store, you can search it on the search bar. After that click on the install button. Once it got installed on your phone you have to open the app then, enter the e-mail address and password you have created earlier. After entering it you can stream your favorite movies, shows and tv series that you want to watch.

Netflix Apk Mod Premium 2020