Gb Whatsapp Apk Latest Version Download 2020 [Anti Ban]

GBWhatsapp Apk is the Whatsapp app alternative anti ban app. So do not be lat get this Gb Whatsapp Apk latest version download 2020. This is one of the best update messenger app for your android mobile phone. You can also download old & new version for your iOS & iPhone also. This is anti ban app which you can use easily for your business also. This new app all version is absolutely free and easy to use you don’t have to pay a penny for this Gb whatsapp 2019 application and you can enjoy all its features hassle free. These are most search apk file for Gb Whatsapp 6.85 & Gb Whatsapp 7.00

Gb Whatsapp Apk Latest Version Download


Gb Whatsapp 7.90
Gb Whatsapp 6.50 Download
Gb Whatsapp 6.60 Download
Gb Whatsapp 8.40 Download

After whatsapp this is most used application software by most of the people in 2020. It is the best app which is used for alternative original Whatsapp apk .The latest version of GBWhatsapp Apk 2020 comes with a more convenient and with a lot of advanced features. You will be surprised to know that all the features in Gb Whatsapp are just like the original Whatsapp. Like in  Whatsapp  you can do same thing in Gb Whatsapp latest version. Like you can send messages to anyone, change your Whatsapp dp, put your photo and video status. You can add these things without any problem. With these features GbWhatsapp app completely different from the original Whatsapp app.

What is Gb Whatsapp ?

What is Gb Whatsapp and what will be the benefit you get from using it, should you use it or not, if you want to know all information about Gb Whatsapp then read this article completely for Gb Whatsapp is a modified Apk file of Whatsapp. we can also call it an Apk application. GbWhatsapp is a duplicate application which is Made by modifying Whatsapp. You will not find it on the Play Store. You have to find it from unknown sources to install it . Only then it will be installed in your mobile. You will also get different features in this app like you can lock the Whatsapp application.

You can hide your Whatsapp contact and see it again. Other cool thing is you can change your theme and also change your Whatsapp contacts, hide online status, hide single tick, blue picture

Let me tell you more about GBWhatsapp Apk if you don’t know about this application and you are interested in using this interesting and convenient application. The most impressive feature of GBWhatsapp is that you do not have to uninstall your Whatsapp official account for installing GBWhatsapp. It simply means, using this app you can use two different numbers for independent chats. All the interesting features about this application, how to install GBWhatsapp Apk in your android mobile and all other important features about this application then stay here only I will be telling you all the things and features about this application.

GBWhatsapp vs Whatsapp

GBWhatsapp vs Whatsapp

GBWhatsapp Apk is a free third party app client for Whatsapp messenger application. Since Whatsapp is the most used application all over the world but everyone knows that Whatsapp is limited to its features and it is the best alternative used for this application as it has many interesting features which I will explain you in detail. So the third party developed a modified version of Whatsapp which is popularly known as GBWA 2020. We can use GBWhatsapp for free for our common needs such as chatting, voice , video call except all these features he provides you some more extraordinary features which you cannot find in your normal Whatsapp messenger. So you can get Gb Whatsapp Apk Latest Version Download.

Name : GBWhatsapp 2020

App Size : 52 mb

Version : 8.25

Price : Free

Compatibility : 4.0

So if you want to use this GBWhatsapp and download it in your android then you are at the right place. Now GBWhatsapp is a very popular tool for those who use multiple account for Whatsapp. The use of multiple accounts is not only the reason for installing this Apk there are more features for this Apk which I will tell you further in this article.

Features of GbWhatsapp

Features GbWhatsapp
Features GbWhatsapp

Below I have mentioned some various interesting and best features about GBWhatsapp which you can install in your android in very few steps which is easy. People always looking for Gb Whatsapp Apk Latest Version Download. With this app you can hide your last seen, you can even hide your double ticks and if you want to hide your blue ticks then you can hide them too and there are many more features. Below I am trying to brief you about the features of GBWhatsapp Apk.

Audio File : You can send audio clip of size 100 mb which is much more than the audio clip sent from Whatsapp messenger official app.

Bulk Images : Now You can send 90 images which is an amazing feature, in official Whatsapp messenger which is upto 10. So it it has now become more convenient for you to use Whatsapp and share pictures with your family and friends.

Large Video File : Sharing video length of 7 minutes which can be shared of only 30 seconds in the official Whatsapp so you can enjoy sharing videos of more length to your family and friends and there is no need to trim videos to share.

Emoji Changer : There are also an option of emoji changer available which becomes very interesting feature of this Apk, so it becomes more interesting to chat with your friend using different emojis.

Auto Reply : There is one more feature which is very interesting in this Apk which is auto reply messages- through this feature you can auto reply to messages which is available only in Whatsapp business so by installing this Apk you can get this feature absolutely for free.

Schedule Messages : You can also schedule your free messages which is an interesting feature so that even if you are at a lose of time you will never lose your loved ones.

GbWhatsapp Antiban Features


There are new and interesting themes which are updated daily so if you want you can change them everyday and you can also create your own theme using this Apk and the themes you created can not only be used by you but it can be also used by other GBWA users of GBWhatsapp.

  1. You can change video player in GBWhatsapp
  2. Now You can can hide double ticks.
  3. You can hide recording status.
  4.  Another good feature is you can hide blue ticks.
  5. You can also open multiple accounts of Whatsapp which you cannot use in the official Whatsapp messenger.
  6. GBWhatsapp Apk also supports various language you are free to talk on your own language, the language you are comfortable with.
  7. In this Apk you can get new launcher icons.
  8. There is one more feature which makes your chatting more interesting that is you are able to add stickers from play store. There are many stickers available on play store and of different types.
  9. Send videos up to 50 MB using GBWhatsapp Apk
  10. You will get an alert if your friend changes his/her image.
  11. Multi GIF providers can be used in this Apk.
  12. You are able to copy anyone’s status by just tapping on their status so you can copy anyone’s status hassle-free.
  13. There is a status in this Apk which is online feature- in which you are always shown online.
  14. There is a backup feature which keeps a backup of your chats so that you never lose your chats.
  15. It is also usable in Whatsapp web but there are some features that might not work in Whatsapp web.
  16. There are amazing tick styles and text styles available in your chats using this Apk.
  17. You can hide all these things.
  18. You can hide your online status.

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Gb Whatsapp Apk Latest Version Download

 If you want to get this app ,tap on the download button given above. If you are disturbed with family and friends entering your privacy and keeping a look at your chats so this app is for you! You can enable password in this Apk you can even hide your chats.

Before downloading there are some technical aspects that you need to know. So there is a brief about this application in the table given below:

GbWhatsapp 8.40 Apk Download

GbWhatsapp 8.30 Apk Download

Whatsapp Gb  8.26 Apk Download

GbWhatsapp 8.25 Apk Download

GbWhatsapp A8.20 pk Download

Anti Ban GbWhatsapp 8.10 Apk

GbWhatsapp 8.05 Apk Download

GbWhatsapp 8.0 Apk Download

Latest GbWhatsapp 7.99 Apk

GbWhatsapp 7.20 Apk Download

GbWhatsapp 7.10 Apk Download


Advantages Of Using GbWhatsapp

Advantages Of Using GbWhatsapp

Since now you have known all the features of GBWhatsapp as I explained it earlier. It has so many interesting and convenient feature that can never be available in official Whatsapp. You can share bigger files, media, more photos can be shared. You can hide your online status and many more things which are very interesting. But since every application has advantages and there are also disadvantages.

Disadvantages Of GbWhatsapp

Though GBWhatsapp is used by most of the people but it is not usually recommended by Whatsapp officials so using this Apk for a long time can ban your official Whatsapp account. So try to use for a temporary number and not for a permanent number. So use it for a temporary number.

  • Bugs and errors have been fixed so there are no more issues in this Apk.
  • More new emojis have been added in the updated version of GBWhatsapp Apk
  • You are also able to call participants in the group easily.
  • There has been a crash earlier when searching for themes which now has been fixed in this updated version. So, you can easily use any theme of your own choice and the theme you like the most
  • Earlier in adding stickers from google play store, now you can add them at your convenience. There are no bugs in this updated version
  • The app has become more stable now as compared to the earlier version.

How to Install Gb Whatsapp

These are some super easy steps through which you can easily install your GBWhatsapp Apk . It is a social messaging app. You will not find this app on the Google Play Store. To download it, you have to click the button below.

Step1: Click on the link given above and GBWhatsapp will be downloaded in your android. You have to enable installation from unknown resources. For that,
i) Go to settings
ii) Then open security
iii) Permission
iv) Enable unknown resources

Step2 : After downloading it, you have to locate this GbWhatsapp Apk file in your device. For this follow the steps

a) Go to device storage
b) Open download
c) Click on GBWhatsapp Apk 2020

Step 3 : Then just tap the install button and wait for the app to be installed in your android device

Installation has been completed for this Apk on your android device, now you can create an account on GBWhatsapp Apk and you can enjoy all the features as told earlier in this article. You can enjoy using your GBWhatsapp Apk hassle-free just remember to read the article carefully before installation of this Apk. Since it is not available in play store so you have to download this Apk using the link provided in this website only. Keep visiting our website for more versions of Whatsapp like this.

GbWhatsapp Business Apk Feature

GbWhatsapp Business Apk Feature

This is a great mobile app which provides you many amazing features usually which is not available in orignal Whatsapp. To use all these features, you have to download Gb Whatsapp in your phone. If you know fully about Whatsapp, then you will know, in Whatsapp you can make a broadcast of only 250 contacts whereas in Gb Whatsapp you can create 600 contact broadcast wihtout any problem.

Photo : You can select only 10 photos at once and send them to anyone, but in Gb Whatsapp you can send 60 images in one turn. When you hide your status last scene in Whatsapp it generally applies to everyone, if you want to hide your status for a single person then you can download Gb Whatsapp in your phone.

Theme : While chatting in your Whatsapp, you must have seen that only the white theme background which you cannot change, while in Gb Whatsapp, you can download a lot of themes and apply different colors according to your needs and mood.

Video : And if we talk about the video you can only send 16MB videos to your friend at your once While in Gb Whatsapp, you can send 30MB videos to anyone.

Privacy : The best feature is that you can set a PIN on your personal chat. While this feature is not Available in Whatsapp.  You can also hide your privacy in GbWhatsapp.

Auto Reply : If you are too much busy and you not available in Whatsapp, then you can turn on auto reply option in this app which is generally the best feature you will ever get in any app available in play store.


You can hide the status that you see on your Whatsapp, you can hide it. GbWhatsapp  has different types of features as compared to Whatsapp . In this app,  you will get double features which is normally you will not found in normal Whatsapp app. The most important question is that Whether you should use this app or not, I want to tell you that you should not use it at all . The most important thing is that it is a third party application app. There is chances that they will leak your  privacy like who are you with whom you are chatting, what is in your gallery, what are you sending to whom.

Every activity you are doing in your Whatsapp they store everything.  If you love your privacy and you do not want your privacy to be leaked like with whom you are chatting. Use normal app instead of GbWhatsapp. There is huge chances that whatever you saved in your gallery like photos and videos will be visible to everyone if you use it. Gb Whatsapp application designed to leak your privacy photos chats & videos. We hop you like our articcl related to Gb Whatsapp Apk Latest Version Download. Do not forget to share.