Free iSpoofer License Key 2019 [ New Activation Keys ]

Get you first Pokemon go free iSpoofer license key 2019. Here we have something grateful for you. We at here always believe you proving you genuine key for ispoofer. This is used for Pokemon go. A most popular game of all time. You do not need any generator to activate it. Most people looking for Reddit to get code but you do not need to go out there because we provide you free activation key for month  July 2019. You can also download it for free with full crack for ios android PC and windows. However it is available in pro version also. You can download this on your window 10/7/8 also. Keep one thing in mind is Ispoofer generally gives you a free key on community day.

Fre iSpoofer License Key 2019

Ispofer is one the best app to stimulate anywhere in the world. Here we are showing you some license key for ispoofer. This is used for pokemon go. One of the most popular games in the world. When you activate you ispoofer they will sent you a license key. It is simply a spoofing method through which you can easily fool. Here are some pros below

  • This is the best app today so for. There is a another features namely called Location Simulation.
  • This will allow developers to spoof many location as possible as legally.
Download the iSpoofer for POGO IPA

By entering this key you can easily activate it. This is not available in the basic plans. In pro version you will not get every features for free but in free version everything is free for you.

How to Install iSpoofer App

We all know about Cydia Impactor. He is one of the most importers content of Pokemon go. It is mainly a GUI program which is used to install iOS IPA file. You can directly install this. The main thing you it doesn’t require any jail break device. You can use this software directly.

  • Firstly you have to download Cydia Impactor. If you have mac you have to download mac version and for windows you have to download window version.
  • Download link for both version is available below. Now you follow these step by step to activate your Pokemon go.


Step 1: Firstly you have to confirm that you have install latest version of iTunes on your system. After that you can only install this without it its not possible to setup.

Step 2: Secondly you have to uninstall your original app from your iDevice. Without it you cannot do anything.

Step 3: Click here to download and save the IPA from our website, then launch Cydia Impactor.

Step 4: In next step you have to connect your device to your system using the USB cable. Now you have to wait it will automatically detect your iDevice.

Step 5: You have to drag and drop the downloaded IPA file. However there is another way , you can click “Device”->”Install Package…” to install the IPA.

Step 6: In next step he will mean impactor will ask for your Apple Id Username and password. After that it will automatically fetch the developer certificate form apple servers. But the most thing is if you want everything will work smoothly then you can create new Apple ID which is must.


Step 7: You have done almost done most of the job. Now you have wait and watch and let the impactor do his job to manage all others works.

Step 8: After doing last step you will see a complete message on your iPhone screen. After unlocking your screen you have to go to Settings > General > Device Management.


Step 9: Now in last step of installation you have to click and tap on the developer and apple id and trust it. You can clearly see in above pictures.


iSpoofer for PC

Here you can free dwonload ispoofer for PC. Now you can use it for free lifetime. You can easily stimulate your app gps location anywhere in the world on your iPhone/iPad/iPod. It is also available iOS 8+. For this you do not need any jailbreak. It is one of the best way to play LBS games. Furthermore click on below button to download it for mac and windows.

Features of iSpoofer :

Play LBS Games : With the help of ispoofer you can easily stimulate you own location on your android and iOS phone. It has one more feature that is LBS it mean location based services.

  • You do not need to move or walk anywhere to play the game. It just trap by ispoofer which provide you.
  • He will change everything in your phone and believe him that your location id different that actual location.

Automation Testing : We all know that gamer always update new version of their software from time to time. Now it is very easy now to play Pokemon go. With this testing it is more easy for developer to do automatic testing for it.

No Jailbreak : Most of the people do not about jailbreak. It is a tool or program which is develop in a way to spoof your GPS location. It simply bypass your iPhone and iOS.

  1. Apple phone has many restriction on their device so that you cannot access full features.
  2. There is one thing when you use jailbreak it will reduce protection of your phone.

Spoof Locations : With this you can simply spy your location in many device as much as you can. It also provide you many other features like it support GFX  your speed moments any other features.

How to Activate ispoofere License key


Download Ispoofer License Key

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